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Teeth Whitening

Are you feeling embarrassed while smiling with yellow teeth? Teeth Whitening in JLT Dubai is an inexpensive treatment. This helps to achieve higher confidence while smiling. Teeth discoloration can occur due to a number of habits and food intake. This includes smoking, high consumption of tea or coffee, and dark juices.

The treatment cost varies with the plan you choose and the results you want to achieve. There are multiple teeth whitening treatments available in Dubai. Some can be tried at home or the office, but some require professional handling.

We recommend you consult with a qualified and certified dentist. As it helps to find and opt for the most effective teeth whitening treatment in Dubai. Although some other dental procedures also require teeth whitening just like veneers, and bonding.

Teeth Whitening in JLT Dubai

We always recommend our customers opt for professional teeth whitening by a qualified dentist. With this method, you will get the most lasting results, without any pain. Although you can buy DIY teeth-whitening products from the market, they do not last long. Professional dental treatment can transform your smile up to five shades whiter.

How much time do we at DRK Medical Center require from you? The whitening process can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours. First, we will assess your teeth condition before sending you to whitening treatment. People with sensitive teeth are not recommended to go for the procedure.

On the other side, teeth whitening procedures are also not available for children under 13 or pregnant women. Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot undergo the procedure if you are wearing crowns or veneers. In such a case, the dentist can suggest an alternative to get you the best suitable treatment.

Teeth Whitening Treatment JLT Dubai

To get the best results dentist will first clean the hardened plaque and tough stains with a grinder. After that dentist will apply the protective layer of gel on the lips and gums. Next, the whitening gel is applied to the front face of your teeth. To increase the speed, the catalyst of ultraviolet rays is exposed to your teeth for a maximum of 15 minutes. This helps the gel to penetrate into your teeth’ enamel, after dissolving the upper layer.

Depending on your condition, the dentist can repeat the 15 minutes bleaching process up to a maximum of 4 times. After the process is completed, you may feel sensitivity. Normally the dissolved dental pellicle will form back within 48 hours. In some cases, teeth sensitivity can prevail for up to a week.

Before you leave the clinic, the dentist will apply a layer of gel to reduce the sensitivity. To make the results even more lasting, custom whitening trays are available. They are made from a real impression of your teeth. The kit comes with a whitening solution and a sensitivity solution. First, you will use the tray with a whitening solution. If you feel sensitivity, then you can use a sensitivity solution with a tray.

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Teeth Whitening Treatment JLT Dubai

Taking Care After Teeth Whitening in JLT Dubai

After teeth whitening in JLT Dubai with DRK Medical Center, we recommend you avoid smoking, tea, coffee, wine, and dark juices. Besides that, we also suggest our patients avoid acidic and spicy food intake for a few days.

Some of the common care tips include brushing twice a day and flossing on daily basis to extend the life of results.

DIY Teeth Whitening Treatment in Dubai

To make the teeth whitening results last longer, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and make a customized bleaching tray. These DIY kits can also produce the same results but it takes almost 2 – 4 weeks. Comparatively, you can get the same results within 2 hours at a dental clinic.

The customized tray can cost you more, but it will be a forever solution to your teeth discoloration problem. You just have to follow the suggested method of a professional dentist, and use the tray on daily basis.

All dentists recommend keeping good oral hygiene after the dental whitening treatment. As it prevents the production and growth of bacteria in your mouth.