About Us

Dr K. Medical Center JL T is multi-specialty and one of the leading clinics with highly experienced, qualified and professional clinicians in the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. The Center was opened in May 2010 as a general clinic and was developed to undertake obstetrics & gynecology, dental, dermatology and laser services. It is continuously improving medical protocols and practices to increase a high success rates.

Dermatology department a medical field dealing with the skin, nails, hair diseases in the widest sense to the pat~nts of all ages. We focus on the importance of healthy skin and offers dermatology services to help with the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin conditions, working closely with the patients to maximize the health of the skin. No matter what your condition is our dermatologist work hard to provide the best results.

Laser Hair Removal performed in Dr. K Medical Center with the latest machine in the market Duetto from Quanta which is safe, fast and effective on all types of skin. We use an innovative dual laser approach for the most advanced laser treatments, featuring two distinct laser channels (Atexandrite + Nd:YAG} that are concentrated in one pulse. This is the latest hair removal-machine with attached cooling system. These combinations make the hair removal treatment painless and gives better results for dark, thick hair or light, fine hair while you stay cool and relaxed.