5 Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Are you worried about discolored teeth? Get your smile confidence back by using a teeth whitening service. Yellow teeth are quite common these days and they can be treated with teeth whitening in Dubai. Discoloration of teeth depends upon your eating habits. 

Drinking coffee, and dark juices frequently can lead to tooth discoloration. In such a situation you have to brush your teeth at least twice a day. There are several effective teeth whitening treatments available in Dubai. But only the professional can give you the best results. Today we are going to discuss the 5 important things that you must know about teeth whitening in Dubai.

Let’s get started:

1. Your Teeth Can Absorb Dark Colors

Your teeth are not highly smooth, they have a very fine pore-like structure to give a rough surface. These pores-like structures absorb the colors from dark liquid and other food you consume. Dark berries, wine, and smoking can lead to stains on teeth. 

After some time has passed, your teeth become darker. These stains do not go away easily unless you get your teeth whitening treatment in Dubai. During the teeth whitening treatment, the dentist uses a special whitening gel. The gel reacts with hard stains and pushes them out of your teeth.

2. Teeth Whitening Removes Tough Plaque

A professional dental treatment can give you a whiter and more sparkling smile. Any stain or tough plaque can be easily removed. You can always consult your doctor and aim for the smile that you truly desire.

3. Sensitivity After a Teeth Whitening Process is Normal

Many people might be concerned about sensitivity after a teeth whitening process. Let me tell you this, it is normal to experience teeth sensitivity. During the process the upper layer of enamel is removed, leaving fine nerves open. 

This causes sensitivity, but your body will heal it naturally. Sensitivity usually goes away after 12 to 48 hours. Some people have naturally sensitive teeth due to their genetics, so if it’s taking a bit of time then do not worry.

4. Veneers and Caps Cannot Be Whitened

Artificial veneers and caps are placed to match your teeth’s existing color. They can neither be stained nor whitened. If your capped teeth or veneer is way too white then you can always whiten the rest of your teeth. As a result, you can match your real teeth’ color with artificial teeth.

5. Teeth Can’t Be Perfectly White

The genetic makeup of one’s teeth is set at birth. It cannot be perfectly altered. The one thing the whitening process or a gel can do is; remove the stains. Stains are collected on teeth over a period of time. But once removed, your teeth catch the true color you were born with. Have a visit to the Doctor. K Medical Center for teeth whitening in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Whitening Process Painful?

There is no discomfort during the treatment. It is safe, however, you may experience mild sensitivity. The sensitivity is mild and temporary as we discussed above. Some people’s teeth are naturally sensitive, but that is a non-issue because it goes away after some time.

How Long Does The Teeth Whitening Treatment Last?

The whitening treatment varies from person to person. The initial shade of your teeth will determine how long it will last. Other than that, age and lifestyle can also have an impact. After your treatment is done, you must follow eating recommendations, do not consume beverages or smoke. Or else your teeth will be stained again.

How To Make Teeth Whitening Last?

There are 4 things you can do to keep it last longer than usual.

  • Brush after a meal. This will freshen up your teeth and help fight against stains.
  • Avoid drinking heavily colored drinks, it can help keep your teeth white.
  • Regular teeth checkups can also help your whitening treatment last longer.

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